Of all the problem birds that we deal with, Pigeons are by far the most common. They are a potential health hazard and elimination of problem pigeons is always recommended.

We adopt many methods to deal with your pigeon nuisances and will advise you of the best method FREE of CHARGE after the initial survey.

 We provide the full range of anti-roosting measures and deterrents and you’ll find more in depth information of the links to the various systems available.

We supply and install pigeon and bird deterrent systems to all sorts of buildings and also carry out a pigeon fouling cleanup service.

Bird Control Netting

Netting when installed correctly by Trap presents an impenetrable barrier to keep the birds away from the surfaces being protected.

Bird netting is a popular protection method against common bird pests. Correct fitting of the right mesh size is the only proofing solution that can be confidently offered to solve virtually any urban bird problem.

Nets can be used vertically or horizontally on a wide variety of structures, from small perch areas to complete building roofs.

Bird Control Pigeon Spike Systems

Pigeon Control spikes supplies and installed

Spikes can be fitted at all kind of buildings, by using spike at any spot , this will avoid Pigeon and birds to stand on the unwanted areas without hurting them.

this is a very effective way and can be used any where , Some customer are afraid from using spike thinking about the image it could make , but when they remember the other image which Pigeons and birds make when they stand on the wall and start dropping , then spike will looks more better than any other thing.